NOTE: Our Permanent Exhibitions are currently closed for construction and reinstallation. 

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Thousands of objects from our permanent collections, from accordions to zithers and everything in between, can be viewed online in our eMuseum portal. Visit eMuseum here or explore the object categories below to view online records.


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Please note: Not all of the NMM's collections are in eMuseum. Some objects in checklist format and previously published articles, photographs, and other archival material, are not yet listed in eMuseum. View the legacy collections pages to access additional content that has not yet been transferred. 

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With unparalleled collections, archives, and other historical resources, the National Music Museum is a center for scientific, social, historical, and technical research on the history of musical instruments. 

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years of global, cultural heritage preserved through musical instruments


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The Most Famous Trombonist You've Never Heard Of