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Our brand new first-floor galleries are officially OPEN! The wait is finally over - come see the NEW NMM. Information on the galleries, hours, and more can be found on the VISIT & LEARN and EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS pages!

Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10am to 4pm, stop in to see our seven new galleries, concerts, events, and more! 

The Jason & Betsy Groves Special Exhibitions Gallery is OPEN! Come explore our current special exhibition HIGH STRUNG: FIVE CENTURIES OF STRINGED KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS.

Come Learn Together

Tours & Group Visits

The NMM is pleased to offer the following options for group and guided tours - 
  1. Group Visit - Group arrives, checks in and tours the museum on their own, without guided assistance from NMM staff. This type of tour does not require any advance booking, and is covered by normal NMM admission fees. 
  2. Guided Tour - An NMM staff member will lead your group through the galleries. One staff member will be allocated for every 15 people in a group. This type of tour is best for up to 30 patrons. Additional fees apply.
  3. Guided Large Group Tour - NMM staff will welcome your group when they arrive. 2-4 staff will split your group into smaller groups and lead them concurrently through the galleries. Recommended for groups of 30+ patrons. 

If you are interested in arranging a guided tour or concierge large group tour, please inquire using the form below. These tours must be arranged in advance and submitted through the form on this page. Please note that NMM staff may not be able to accommodate walk-in (unscheduled) guided tours of any sort. For Guided Tours and Concierge Large Group Tours, additional fees apply above standard museum admission. If you have any questions concerning guided tours, please call the admissions desk at (605) 658-3450. 

NMM | Group Tour Request

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Everist Travel Stipends

Funding assistance is available for schools in Western Iowa to bring students to the NMM, thanks to this exciting partnership with the Margaret Ann Martin Everist Foundation!

Educational Materials

Explore supplementary materials for NMM exhibits, online access to Digital Learning Resources, and more!

Thanks for submitting your tour request! Reservations are not firm until you receive an email confirmation of your time and date from the NMM

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Reservations are NOT firm until you receive an email confirmation from the NMM. 


the NMM will be CLOSED until TUESDAY, 1/16

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