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“Learning about gamelan music is learning about life,” according to gamelan master Midiyanto. Celebrate the music and instruments of the Kyai Rengga Manis Everist Gamelan and discover how gamelan is a reflection of Indonesian lessons, values and culture. The exhibition opens March 25 in the National Music Museum’s Groves Gallery for Special Exhibitions in Vermillion, SD, with a public reception from 5pm-7pm. The NMM’s Tatag community ensemble will perform at 6:00 p.m.

The National Music Museum’s Javanese gamelan is one of the largest and finest outside of Indonesia. Radiant with gilding and teakwood frames adorned with carved dragons (nagas) and crowns, the Kyai Rengga Manis Everist Gamelan was ceremoniously named to honor its spiritual qualities and patronage. Purchase funds were a gift of Margaret Ann Everist, Sioux City, Iowa, 1999.

This program is free of cost for NMM Members!


If you are a person with a disability and need a special accommodation to fully participate, please contact Disability Services at least 48 hours before an event. Students and the public can contact Disability Services at 605-658-3745 or Faculty and staff should contact Human Resources at 605-658-3660.

Friday, March 25, 2022 at 10:00:00 PM UTC

Gamelan! A Way of Life | Opening Reception



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