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Due to the NMM's expansion project and ongoing construction, we are currently unable to address research inquiries.
Our web resources should put the general user on the path to fascinating, new knowledge about musical instruments. If you’re looking for information about an instrument you own or discovered, do check first the section My Instrument FAQ.

If you are a professional or advanced student, needing to learn more about the NMM’s collections, please view our research resources and services to learn the extent to which we might be able to help, and what our services, fees, and conditions of use may be.

National Music Museum

Center for Preservation and Research​

The National Music Museum’s new Center for Preservation and Research (CPR) is the result of a partnership between NMM and the Vermillion Chamber and Development Corporation (VCDC), a state-of-the-art preservation center was completed in the summer of 2019. 


This facility contains 23,000 square feet of space where our collections are studied, stored, and conserved. In addition to the environmentally controlled secure-storage rooms, the CPR also provides space for conservation work, light construction, hands-on research, group meetings, and houses a comprehensive imaging studio that can be used to fully document our collections.

Research at the

National Music Museum

National Music Museum

Graduate Study Programs

The Department of Music at the University of South Dakota offers the M.M. degree with a specialization in the history of musical instruments (a terminal, professional degree offered nowhere else in the country), music performance, and music literature

Whether you're a musical instrument aficionado, a life-long music lover, or just looking to support your community, learn about how you can help us keep working to explore, enjoy, and preserve the world of musical instruments!

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